Tips for Buying a Car in Greenville, TX

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Whether you’re upgrading to a new ride or buying a car for the first time ever, searching for a vehicle can be intimidating. Fortunately, the finance team at Nissan of Greenville is here to make your car-shopping experience easier. Check out our car-buying tips below, and then visit our dealership to apply your newfound wisdom!

Is a New or Used Car Right for Me in Greenville, TX?

During your search, you’ll have the option of choosing between a new car or a pre-owned vehicle. Of course, a brand-new vehicle comes with advantages like the latest technology, few miles on the odometer, and no need for repairs anytime soon. As long as you can afford it, you can’t go wrong with a new car. Browse our new Nissan inventory today!

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On the other hand, there’s incredible value in shopping high-quality pre-owned vehicles for sale at our Greenville dealership. Due to a lower starting price, a used car will have lower monthly payments and insurance costs than a brand-new model. Furthermore, a used car has already undergone the vast majority of its depreciation with its first owner, so it’ll retain its value better when you eventually want to resell. And with far more pre-owned vehicles on the market than new ones, you’ll have nearly endless options.

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You know what’s a smart way to get the best of both worlds, though? Shopping our certified pre-owned inventory at Nissan of Greenville! These used cars, trucks, and SUVs have undergone a rigorous, 167-point inspection to earn their certified status.

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Finding the Right Auto Loan or Lease in Greenville, TX

If you’re car shopping for the first time, you may not know the ins and outs of financing versus leasing. Allow our finance team at Nissan of Greenville to clear things up for you!

Unless you can pay for the car upfront with a big wad of cash, buying a car to own will involve financing—taking out an auto loan to purchase a new or used vehicle. Meanwhile, leasing essentially entails renting a new car for a set duration of time. The best option for you depends on your needs. With leasing, you’ll often enjoy a lower monthly payment and the ability to upgrade more frequently, but you’ll likely face mileage and customization limits. When you finance the car, however, you own it and can do whatever you’d like.

Either way, knowing your credit history can give you some insight on what kind of payments you’ll have. Good news: Many apps make finding your credit score easy. After you learn what credit you’re working with, you can get pre-approved in just a matter of minutes by filling out our secure online finance application!

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Did you know that you can use your current vehicle as down payment on your next? We’ll help you value your trade.

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Use Our Vehicle Finder Service at Nissan of Greenville

To help make the car-shopping experience easier, Nissan of Greenville offers a vehicle finder service. Fill out our vehicle finder service form, and we’ll hunt down the new or used vehicle you want. Over the past 15 years, we’ve spent time building relationships with dealers all over the area who can help us out. Looking for something custom? We’ll pre-order your dream car from Nissan on your behalf! Start the process online today.

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Find Your Next Car at Nissan of Greenville, TX

One of the most important tips for buying a car in Greenville, TX, is finding a dealership you can trust. At Nissan of Greenville, we can’t wait to help you find a car that you’ll love to drive for an excellent price. Visit us today!

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